Are Owala Water Bottles BPA Free? 7 Factors You Should Know

are owala water bottles bpa free
Understanding Bisphenol-A (BPA)

What is BPA?

First, let’s understand what is BPA? BPA is a Poisonous and dangerous chemical that is also called Bisphenol-A. This chemical is usually used in making plastic things just like plastic water bottles. Some people worry that this chemical can get into our drinks from the bottle and might not be good for our health. Owala water bottle has overcome this worry  Now let’s get knowledge about are owala water bottles BPA free? 

Why BPA Material Can Be Harmful For Us?

Now after knowing about BPA. Moving further towards are owala water bottles BPA free lets get knowledge about why BPA can be harmful for us? BPA-free water bottles play an important role in our health because we want toxic material in our bodies. Scientific research says that BPA material can cause destructive disturbance in our body for example it can affect any of our body’s hormones and make us sick. It is crucial to understand if the water bottle you use is composed of BPA-free materials or not 

Common Signs of BPA-Containing Water Bottle

Sign What To Look For
Recycling Code "7"
Keep an eye out for a recycling symbol with the number "7" inside it.
Clear, Hard Plastic
If the bottle is super clear and feels rigid, there's a chance it might contain BPA.
Hazy Appearance
Sometimes BPA-containing bottles can look a bit cloudy or hazy.
Older Products
Bottles made before BPA regulations may still have BPA in them. Be aware of older plastic water bottles
No "BPA-Free" Label
If it doesn't proudly declare "BPA-free," it might contain BPA. Brands usually label this.
Plastic Odor
Give it a sniff, especially when it's heated. A strong plastic smell could be a sign of BPA
Known BPA Brands
Certain brands have a history of using BPA. You should be careful about these brands
Check Manufacturer's Info
If you're unsure, check the product info or contact the manufacturer. They should know.

Are Owala Water Bottles BPA free? The Health Concerns of BPA

The following are the health concern of BPA:

  • BPA can mess with our hormones, especially the ones related to feeling good and staying healthy. We definitely don’t want that!
  • Are owala water bottles BPA free? Some Scientific research also proves that using water bottles that are made up of BPA material can cause very dangerous diseases like diabetes, heart problems even it can cause cancer
  • If you’re thinking about having kids or already have some, BPA could cause problems with making babies and that is definitely not good for our health as well as for our future generation.  
  • BPA can also mess with the growth of little kids. And nobody wants to stop growing, right?
are owala water bottles bpa free
Perfect Choice For Your Health

Advantages of Choosing BPA-Free Water Bottles

Now that we know why BPA isn’t our best friend, let’s chat about why BPA-free water bottles are the bomb:

Keepin' It Safe

  • BPA-free water bottles are made without that icky chemical. So these water bottles completely ensure you not taking any harmful chemicals into your body. Safe sipping for the win!
  • BPA-Free water is completely safe and secure for everyone including younger boys to small kids even these water bottles are also safe for pregnant women. You can share the goodness with your whole crew

Earth Friendly

  • BPA-free bottles are often made from different materials, like stainless steel, glass, or other safe plastics. That means if you are using these water bottles you are extending earth’s life
  • Many BPA-free bottles are recyclable. So when you use them you can put these in recycle bin. Easy peasy!

Sturdy and Trusty

  • BPA-free bottles are tough cookies. They won’t crack or break easily, so you’ll have a trusty water buddy for a long time.
  • These bottles are also good at not holding onto weird smells or stains. Your water will taste fresh, even after lots of sips.

Exactly What You Need

  • BPA-Free water bottles are available in different sizes, shapes, and styles. If you are a gym enthusiast, or you go to the office daily, or even you are an adventures lover BPA-free water bottles can easily be your hydration partner everywhere. 
  • Many of these bottles can handle hot and cold drinks. So, your morning coffee or iced tea is good to go!

Eco-Friendly Material

  • By using BPA-free water bottles you are not only making a promise to keep you healthy but also taking a step forward to make our earth more healthier. They make these bottles with the Earth in mind.
  • Using BPA-free water bottles you are minimizing the plastic pollution. This leads to the cleaner and a healthier plannet
are owala water bottles bpa free
You Must Keep Aware of The Harmful Effects of BPA Water Bottles

Disadvantages of Not Choosing BPA Free Water Bottle

Are owala water bottles BPA free? Following are the disadvantages of not choosing BPA free water bottle:

  • Imagine your water bottle is like a friend you hang out with every day. If your friend suddenly starts acting strange and you find out they might not be good for your health, that’s what happens when you use a non-BPA-free bottle. A highly toxic element named BPA which is very harmful to your health can harm you
  • According to multiple scientific investigations, consuming water bottles manufactured with BPA might have a major negative impact on the hormones in your body. 
  • By using a non BPA-free water bottle you are inviting diseases like diabetes and heart diseases.
  • Using BPA material water bottles can harm your reproductive system 
  • Beverages manufactured with BPA could affect a child’s growth and development. and you are not going to make a decision that might harm your child’s capacity for developmental growth. 
  • By purchasing a standard beverage container rather than one without BPA, you are still boosting the usage of these polymer-disruptive individuals which can be destructive for our environment 
  • Do you ever want to see the beautiful beach of your town to be full of trash? absolutely not!  This will happen if we use BPA water bottles 
  • Even though a bottle is free of BPA, it may contain other chemicals that are harmful.  Beverages which are not BPA-free might still include dangerous chemicals that you wish to avoid in your body.

Summarizing the disadvantage of a Non-BPA-free hydration container is that by using these water containers you are disturbing your health and making our surrounding environment polluted. Now it is up to you to figure out whether you’d like to buy an advantageous water bottle or whether you wish to go with an outdated plastic container that will be harmful to you a well as earth. 

are owala water bottles bpa free
The Perfect Choice

Let's Look at Owala Water Bottles

Now, let’s talk about Owala water bottles. Following characteristics will clear the doubts that are owala water bottles BPA free or not? 

Let's Talk About Material Used In Owala Water Bottle

To know about are owala water bottles BPA free? First, let’s think about what Owala bottles are made of. Owala mostly uses something called Tritan™ plastic to make their bottles. The good news is that Tritan™ plastic doesn’t have BPA or other bad stuff.

They Do Tests

Owala is serious about making sure their bottles are safe. They even do special tests to check for BPA. These tests make sure that Owala bottles meet very strict safety rules. 

Follows the Rules

Are owala water bottles BPA free and follow all the rules? The answer is Yes,Owala water bottles follow the rules made by people who make sure our food containers are safe. The rules of the Food & Drug Administration ( FDA ) of the United States of America clearly show that how much BPA is safe in food containing material and guess what Owala bottles meet these rules.

are owala water bottles bpa free
Amazing Hydration Partner

Why Choose Owala?

Now we know that are owala water bottles BPA free and safe, let’s talk about why you might want to choose them.

Owala's Declaration Of A Healthy Lifestyle

With Owala bottles, you don’t need to worry about bad chemicals getting into your drinks. Owala water bottle totally ensure you a healthy and better life

are owala water bottles bpa free
Owala Water Bottle Comes In Different Colors & Sizes

A Tough Beverage Container

Owala has many different types of water bottles. You can pick the one you like the most, with the color and lid style you prefer.

Buyers Response

You still don’t believe that Are owala water bottles BPA free? Don’t Believe us? Here are some testimonials from satisfied Owala customers:

Sarah M
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"I love Owala's dedication to safe materials. Their water bottles are a staple in my daily routine."
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"Being a parent, I always want the best water bottle for my family. Owala's BPA-free products give me peace of mind."

Conclusion of This Article

The final conclusion of “are owala water bottles BPA free” is given below:

  • Owala water bottle is the best option for those who loves to drink water from BPA-free material water bottles
  • Their loyalty to their customers about safety, proper testing & use of eco friendly material make them apart.
  • Choosing Owala means opting for healthier living, eco-consciousness, and product durability.
  • Real customer testimonials showcase the satisfaction and peace of mind Owala provides.
  • With Owala, you’re making a responsible choice for yourself and the environment.

FAQs: Your Curiosity, Satisfied

Are owala water bottles BPA free?

Yes, every Owala water bottle is made from Tritan™ plastic, which doesn’t have BPA.

Is BPA the only thing to worry about in water bottles?

While BPA is a concern, there might be other chemicals in some plastic bottles. Owala takes care of this by using Tritan™ plastic, which is known to be safe.

Can I put hot drinks in Owala water bottles?

Owala bottles are designed for cold drinks. Putting hot drinks in them might not work well.

How do I clean my Owala water bottle?

Cleaning is easy! You can put it in the dishwasher. But washing with hands using soap and water is recommended.

Where can I buy Owala water bottles?

You can find Owala water bottles on their official website as well as in many other online stores.

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