Does Owala Water Bottle Fit In Cup Holder? The Perfect Solution

Understanding The Owala Water Bottle

Does owala water bottle fit in cup holder? Before we get into the cup holder conundrum, let’s get to know about the Owala water bottle.Owala water bottle is designed with the modern lifestyle in mind, these bottles offer a wide range of features to suit the needs of anyone which loves hydrate with style. 

Does owala water bottle fit in cup holder?
Unique Design Water Bottles

Unique design

The Owala water bottle has a sleek ergonomic design that fits perfectly in your hand. Featuring a wide mouth that makes it easy to add ice cubes or fruit of your choice, these bottles are made from durable materials and are built to last long. 

Different shots for different people

Does owala water bottle fit in cup holder? Owala recognizes that there is no one size that fits all cup holders. That’s why owala offers bottles in a variety of sizes, which start from compact 12 oz to a fuller 64 oz. There are many versions available in owala water bottles, so don’t need to worry there is something for everyone. 

No more spill problems

Does owala water bottle fit in cup holder to prevent from spills problums? Owala water bottles have so many outstanding features one of the amazing features of the owala water bottle is its leak-proof technology. These water bottles come with tight and secure lids which prevent these water bottles from spills and leakage problems. 

Different Sizes of Owala Water Bottle

The following chart clearly shows the sizes of owala water bottles and clear our doubts regarding does owala water bottle fit in cup holder or not? 

Size ( In Ounces ) Capacity (In Milliliters) Dimension (Height x Diameter) Weight (In Grams) Features
12 oz
355 ml
7.5" x 2.9"
254 g
Small and compact, ideal for on-the-go
18 oz
532 ml
9" x 2.9"
286 g
Standard size, fit in almost all cup holders
24 oz
710 ml
11" x 2.9"
324 g
Larger capacity, great for workouts
32 oz
946 ml
13.4" x 3.5"
389 g
Extra large, perfect in all day hydration
64 oz
1892 ml
15.5" x 4.9"
499 g
Jumbo size, suitable for extended trips

Why Does the Fit of a Water Bottle in a Cup Holder Matter?

Have you ever noticed that some water bottles seem to be perfectly fit in cup holders while some water bottles doesn’t.

The proper fitting of water bottles in cup holders is not only for driver or passenger convenience but it is also for safety and security. The following points clearly show that how important the fitting of water bottles in cup holders

  • Safety Precautions First: If your water bottles doesn’t properly fit in your car’s cup holders it will definitely cause distraction while driving which is very dangerous.
  • Dirty Interior: If your water bottle is not perfectly fit in the cup holder for your car it will continuously move while driving and there will be a high chance that tha liquid in the water bottle come out destroying your car’s interior. If you are a car lover you must ensure the proper fit of your water bottle in the cup holder to prevent this mess
  • Easy Access To Your Water Bottle : Cup holders are made to make life easier and relaxing but if your water bottle doesn’t fit in cup holder you will never feel the joy of cup holdersIf you want a relaxing and easy life, proper fitting of water bottles in cup holders will definitely help you
  • Perfect Match of Water Bottles with Cup Holders: Cup Holders come in different sizes and shapes but a perfect match of water bottles with cup holdes can make your life easier and relaxing. 
  • Hot or Cool Features In Cup Holders: Some cup holders come with special features to keep our drink hot or cool but if your water bottles doesn’t properly fit in cup holders this features will never work
  • Fewer Distractions: If your bottle keeps moving around it can cause a distraction while driving to avoid this distraction you must choose water bottles that can easily fit in cup holder.
  • Silence Is Golden: Loose bottles can rattle and make noise, which can be irritating. A well-fitted bottle stays quiet.
  • No Damage, Please: A bottle that doesn’t fit well can bounce around and cause damage. 

By choosing a water bottle that will easily fit in cup holder will surely make your life and driving experience better so next time before buying water bottle keep that in your mind.

Does owala water bottle fit in cup holder?
Can Owala Bottles Fit In Cup Holder?

Does owala water bottle fit in cup holders?

Now that you’ve learned the facts about the amazing features of Owala water bottle, let’s tackle the question you’ve been waiting for. Does owala water bottle fit in cup holder?

Size Matters

Does owala water bottle fit in cup holder? To answer that, we have to consider the dimensions of both Owala water bottles and the standard cup holders they might come across. Standard cup holders may vary in sizes, but most are around 2.6 to 3 inches in diameter.

Thanks to their slim design, Owala water bottles are typically around 3 inches in diameter for larger models and slightly smaller for smaller models. This means that Owala water bottles are typically designed to fit easily and effortlessly into most cup holders. 

Designed For Versatility

Owala water bottle is always ready to hydrate you everywhere. We see People love to hydrate everywhere whether they are driving their car or going gym. Even during during cycling, it is very important to hydrate.

Does owala water bottle fit in cup holder? To ensure perfect compatibility, Owala designs their water bottles with shapes that fit different-sized cup holders. So you can easily fit your owala water bottle in cup holdes Even if you are in a car or in a gym or riding a bicycle.

Does owala water bottle fit in cup holder?
Customer Experience

The Customer Feel

Does owala water bottle fit in cup holder? The verdict has been reached and it’s “yes”. Many Owala water bottle users gladly say that these bottles are better than ordinary water bottles and can easily fit in every cup holder. This positive comment confirms that owala water bottles is genuinely adaptable and fit nicely in every cup holder

Tips For Ensuring A Secure Fit

You must have enough knowledge about how does owala water bottle fit in cup holder. Certainly! Here are some tips and tricks to help you secure Owala bottles or similar water bottles in cup holders:

  • Choose the Right Size Bottle: Owala offers a variety of bottle sizes. Before buying a water bottle you must check the size of your car’s cup holder this will ensure a properly fitting of your water bottle in your car’s cup holder.
  • Use Silicone Sleeve or Base: Some Owala bottles come with silicone sleeves or bases which ensure the better grip of your water bottle in every cup holder. Keep in mind that the silicone part is facing down into the cup holder for added stability.
  • Tilted Position: Place the bottle in the cup holder at a slight angle, so it wedges securely. This can prevent it from moving around during travel.
  • Velcro or Non-Slip Mat: Consider using Velcro strips or a non-slip mat designed for cup holders. Attach one side of the Velcro to the bottom of the cup holder and the other to the base of the Owala bottle for a secure connection. A non-slip mat can provide extra grip.
  • Adjustable Cup Holder Inserts: Some cup holders have adjustable inserts or adapters that can accommodate different bottle sizes. Adjust these to fit your Owala bottle perfectly.
  • Wrapping a cloth around the bottle: If your car’s cup holders is larger than your water bottles then you must wrap a towel or cloth so your water bottle can easily fit in your car’s cup holder. This will ensure the proper filling of the gap around your water bottle in cup holder
  • DIY Padding: If needed, create your own padding by cutting a piece of foam or rubber to fit the cup holder’s bottom. This trick will prevent your water bottle from dancing in the cup holder
  • Using a cup holder expander: If any of the above trick doesn’t work then you must go for a cup holder expander which expand the diameter of cup holders.  
  • Bungee Cord or Elastic Band: For extra security during bumpy rides, you can wrap a bungee cord or an elastic band around the bottle and secure it to the cup holder or another anchor point.
  • Test Different Cup Holders: If you have multiple cup holders in your vehicle, try different ones to find the best fit for your Owala bottle. Cup holders can vary in size and shape within the same vehicle.
  • Clean the Cup Holder: Sometimes, dust and debris can accumulate in cup holders, making them less effective. Regularly clean the cup holder to ensure a better grip.
  • Consider a Cup Holder Adapter: In some cases, you might find cup holder adapters or organizers that are designed to hold various bottle sizes securely. 

By applying the above trick and tricks your water bottle will surely fit in every cup holder

Summarizing The Whole Article

The Conclusion of this article “Does owala water bottle fit in cup holder” are as following: 

  • if you are looking for a water bottle that fits conveniently in every cup holder then you must look forward to an owala water bottle. 
  • Owala water bottle will never disappoint you in your hydration journey. Its stylish design, variety of choices & user-friendly functions will never disappoint you. 
  • Owala water bottle will give you full support to keep you hydrated everywhere whenever you need hydration even if you are on a long road trip with your family or during a tough exercise in the gym you can safely rely on the owala water bottle in your daily busy schedule so don’t worry.


Are Owala water bottles safe in the dishwasher? 

Absolutely! Most Owala water bottles are dishwasher safe, but we recommend reading the care instructions for your specific bottle. 

How long can Owala Water bottles keep drinks cold or hot? 

Boasting excellent insulation, Owala bottles keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours.

Can I replace parts for my Owala water bottle? 

yes you can easily find the replacement parts of owala water bottles

Are Owara water bottles environmentally friendly? 

yes the materials from which the owala water bottle is made are 100% environmental friendly

Are Owala bottles guaranteed? 

Yes, Owala offers a limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects. 

Can I fit the Owala Twist 24 oz in my car cup holder? 

absolutely! The Owala Twist 24 oz is like your cup holder’s best friend, fitting snuggly inside.

Will the Owala water bottle prevent spills in my cup holder? 

Of course, owala water bottles are completely safe from unwanted spills.  But for best results, make sure it’s securely in your cup holder.

Can I use my Owala water bottle in my car cup holder? 

absolutely! The Owala water bottle is designed to fit comfortably in most standard car cup holders.

Will the Owala bottle fit in my bike's bottle cage?

Yes indeed! Owala bottles generally work well with bicycle bottle cages. 

Will the Owala FreeSip bottle fit in the cup holder on the fitness machine?

surely! Owala FreeSip bottles are typically designed to fit most gym equipment.

Can I operate the Owala bottle with only one hand?

absolutely! The Owala FreeSip bottle is easy to operate with a one-handed button lid

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